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Warrick controls are a private company in Cleveland, OH which is categorized under the Warm Air Heating Equipments and Supplies. The record shows that the company was established in Cleveland in somewhat around 2005 and was incorporated there. According to the current statistics the company has the yearly revenue of $500,000 nearly, having an employee staff of about 1 to 4 persons. The company usually offers the products like Hydronic Heating Equipments, Oil heaters, Gas Heating Equipment, Carrier Heating Equipment and Oil Heating Equipments.

Fifty years of warrick controls

Warrick Controls is striving hard to offer the self dependable non moving parts control and the technology for conductive liquid monitoring. At this moment after becoming a part of the Gems, family of sensors, Warrick control systems continue to offer reliability, labour saving, process automation, operator safety and flexibility and that too in economical cost. The concept used by Warrick controls is very simple, we just have to take the advantage of the conductive capacity of liquids, and using these properties, we just have to form a closed circuit and compel the control relay to actuate. In order to provide the users the precise accuracy, no moving parts reliability and repeatability; it has used permanently mounted and stationary electrodes. In this way the simple concept has led to the development of a series of liquid based conductivity control units.

Goods and services of warrick controls

Warrick Controls offer, a wide range of products for the Automation and Automotive industries. Most commonly the products include, Network Analysis i.e. many years of development, they provides X-Analyzer for analyzing, and also the simulating controlling networks such as LIN and CAN, For FlexRay Analysis, they distribute Caromee analyzer. Hardware Products, the company supply LIN and CAN interface according to the agreement with Kvaser AB of Sweden. As hardware products the company distributes FlexRay products for a company of Germany, and CANopen devices for the company TKE of Finland.

Under Software products the company provides, Network Design and Configuration tools and Software Stacks. The company also provides Starter Kits, in order to evaluate the stacks and developing system prototypes. The company has some C coded programs that work, and they can also be modified according to the need for some different application. Some of  Warrick Controls products are stated as follows:

Warrick Level Control Devices and Controllers, these includes Liquid Level Controls for general purposes, control for liquid levels for Low Water Cut-off , Liquid Level Relays, liquid level control for, Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Controls and multi function control for levels in Series 67. Warrick Fittings and Probes include Warrick Electrode fitting, Warrick Fittings and Level Probes, etc; Warrick Panels, Alarms and kits include Warrick Control Panels and Warrick Alarm Panels.


Warrick Control’s Products has some specialties, some of them are listed as follows:
Warrick Model DC Power Control
Warrick Series 16 General Purpose Control
Warrick Series 16M General Purpose Control
Warrick Series 26 Low water Cutoff
Warrick Series 3B Threaded Coupling
Warrick Series DF Dual Function Controls
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