DFL and 26B Warrick Controls Series Overview

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The Warrick Controls Series DFL and 26B controls

They are reliable float less probe form central heating boiler level controls, which contains distributed electrode probe fitted using a sensing unit that extends into the water boiler.

 DFL and 26B Warrick Controls Series OverviewAn insulated probe wire attached to the control is connected to the sensor rod which is designed to function by holding down the current flow in the water through the probe(s) and analyzing the current flow through a fixed set point resistor.  This is dependable due to no-moving-parts exposed to water.

 The Warrick Controls Line DFL and “26 B” right side control are noted to operate like a low h2o cutoff on vapor and warm water heater solutions.

The left side is used as a pump control on steam boilers when high water alarm is required and electric water needs valve control.

 Warrick Controls Series ADVANTAGES AND FEATURES:

1. RELIABILITY.  As a floatless type, control needs limited service with sole stainless sensor rod revealed to the water and no-moving-parts in the liquid.  An independent transformer within the handle is unattached to the low voltage 12 Volts path through the supply line.

2. LONG LASTING WITH LOW MAINTENANCE COST. The system is an ascended remote panel in the boiler control to avoid conduction of heat which accumulates more life of the electrical elements.

3. SIMPLICITY. Other than common blow down on steam boilers, Warrick controls’ boilers have no necessary complication in parts that needs regular attention.  The level is controlled to certain limits by expanding the probe with no necessary adjustments needed.  The control does not require necessary stuffing boxes, bellows or mercury switches, floats which can lead to serious shutdown and expensive repairs.

4. UNDERWRITERS’ LABORATORIES. It notes 26B and on the right side as Limit Controls while on the left side as Motor Controller of DFL control system.

5. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION.  The system has compact circuitry with Light emitting diode indicators for level safety and pump on.  The Warrick controls low water cutoffs promotes waiting times for continued safety and programmed recycling on interrupted power even if it is provided with manual recast.  Pump controls promotes waiting times for starter and avoid short cycling of pumps.


1. It applies like a reduced h2o cutoff and water pump control on regular central heating boilers with probes set-up in the water column.

2. It applies as a secondary low water cutoff on all regular steam boilers aside from (U drum) type.  The probe ascends in usable situation on higher installation in the h2o line linking to the vapor drum using the sensing unit expanding within the drum in just One inch on the surface.

3.  It applies like a reduced h2o cutoff on all regular Direct Fired Hot Water Boilers with the probe attached in the boiler header or system water level in vertical position.

4.  It applies like a very low water cutoff on all length and sizes of regular Roundabout Water Heating units. The probe ascends within the higher header in vertical position.

5.  It is highly suggested as Warrick controls high water alarm solely when needed by Code with the probe attached in a vertical position.

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